I sat down to list out all the blog posts I published in 2016 and it just so happens that they added up to exactly 100.  Pretty cool coincidence, huh?

I set out in May to relaunch my blog and pump out a lot of content that could be useful to you. Some business advice. Some fitness advice. Some personal advice. I’m pushing harder than I ever have and along the way I’m picking up some great ideas for you, as well as experiencing some monumental screw-ups you will want to avoid.

So here you go. All 100 blog posts…

  1.  I’ve Read These Books And Think You Should, Too
  2. Marco Rubio’s Digital Maestro
  3. Man in the Mirror
  4. There Is NO Separation In Your Professional And Personal Life Anymore
  5. I Just Ran 31 Miles and Learned Valuable Lessons For My Business, My Clients and My Life
  6. I Was A Teenage “PIC”
  7. How To “UnEff” Your Mind
  8. A Frothy Mind
  9. The Single Biggest Mistake In Digital Advocacy
  10. If Your Campaign Is Just Using Robocalls and Billboards…
  11. No One’s Listening … But They’re Watching
  12. I Finally Did What People Have Been Telling Me To Do For Years… I Took A Hike
  13. I’m Going To Normandy On The Anniversary Of D-Day To Get My Ass Kicked In The Sand
  14. Why I Decided To Focus On My Health In The First Place
  15. It’s Going To Hurt But I’m Not Being Shot At
  16. Walking Through Blood-Stained Fields
  17. 225 Went Into The Fight And Only 95 Made It Out
  18. 2016 Has Been One Helluva Year
  19. Being A Rucker And A Runner Is Pretty Damn Hard
  20. When Your Day Goes To Shit 15 Minutes After Waking Up
  21. This Is What A Day At Push Looks Like
  22. It’s Been One Of Those Weeks
  23. I’m Experimenting With A Ketogenic Diet
  24. Will You Join Me And Do Something Badass in 2016?
  25. How The Internet Is Fueling Hate
  26. The Gate Dropped And We Stormed Omaha Beach
  27. Judging my GORUCK Normandy HTL Performance
  28. The Best Facebook Presence Of Any Craft Brewery In The Entire Nation
  29. Here’s The Real Problem With Snapchat
  30. Check Out What’s New With Frothy
  31. Things That Drive Me Batshit Crazy
  32. Bullshit McBullshit
  33. Whatever Else It Is – GORUCK Is Not ‘Playing Army’
  34. How To Push A One-Wheeled Trailer
  35. Thirteen Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned the Hard Way
  36. Thoughts On Instagram Jacking Snapchat
  37. Things That Drive Me Batshit Crazy Pt. II
  38. The Humidity Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me
  39. The Customer Is Always Right
  40. Own Up When You F Up
  41. According To A College No One’s Ever Heard Of, Posting About Your Workout Is Bad
  42. Time Really IS Money
  43. Hire People Who Are Smarter Than You Are
  44. Maintain A Work/Life Balance
  45. HANDS-ON versus HANDS-OFF
  46. Always Be Moving
  47. Get Pumped For Running Season
  48. Saving People’s Money And Time, Making The World A Better Place = All In A Day’s Work
  49. Work Hard, Relax Hard
  50. How Star Trek Has Impacted My Life
  51. Sluggish Body Means Sluggish Mind
  52. I Hit A Wall Again And I’m Feeling Depressed About It
  53. Only Do The Tasks That Only You Can Do
  54. Things That Drive Me Batshit Crazy
  55. It’s All About Making Decisions
  56. You Can Catch More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar (Usually)
  57. Push Harder
  58. I’m Back And It Feels Awesome
  59. 13 Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned The Hard Way – Reprise
  60. The Most Badass Person I’ve Ever Met
  61. Feeling Great But Gimpy
  62. YOU IN 2016: Political Tips You Can Use In Everyday Life
  63. You Cannot Do It Alone
  64. It All Begins With The Right Message
  65. Find People Who Get Sh*t Done And You Can Accomplish Just About Anything
  66. I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again
  67. Understanding Your Audience
  68. Things That Drive Me Batshit Crazy #3
  69. Delaying Your Way To Failure
  70. VERY true: It’s Not What You Know. It’s Who You Know
  71. Production Is More Important Than Ideas
  72. Jingle All The Way
  73. Believe It Or Not, A Lot Of Political Campaigns Refuse To Pay Their Bills
  74. Work On What You Believe In
  75. Winner, Winner; Chicken Dinner
  76. You’re Not Moving to Freakin’ Canada
  77. Rocking and Rolling Through Savannah
  78. Dropping The Hammer
  79. The Buck Has To Stop Somewhere
  80. People Want Transparency
  81. Everyone Is Tired Of The Canned Bullshit
  82. Campaigns Take Hard Work And Money
  83. It’s All About Content, Lots Of It
  84. Three Halves Equal 1 ½
  85. America Is NOT A Democracy
  86. YOU IN 2016: Political Tips You Can Use In Everyday Life
  87. Push Out Content People Want And Need
  88. This Is The Formula For Badass Content
  89. What I’m Thankful For
  90. This Brewery Thing Is Actually Happening
  91. Getting My Namaste On
  92. Why A Digital Agency And A Brewery In One?
  93. People Who Say, “I Can’t”
  94. You Have To See These Puppies (And Learn About Advertising)
  95. Humblebrag: I’m A Two-Time Marathoner
  96. The Digital Political Landscape in Sixty Seconds*
  97. This is My Bah Humbug Moment of the Christmas Season
  98. Christmas Carols—The Wesley Way
  99. Programming Note: It’s Vision Time
  100. Why I Was Blessed To Have A Crappy Childhood