I’m still playing with the best way of recommending things I love to you. Let’s see if this “What I’m” format works.  Here you go…

1. What I’m Watching: I just left New York City where I caught George Orwell’s 1984 on Broadway staring Olivia Wilde. This play is definitely not for everyone. It’s weird, loud and includes incredible bursts of light. It’s violent and disturbing. In other words, it’s everything I love.

2. What I’m Listening To: I’ve listen to the Daily Audio Bible Podcast every single day going on three years. It just occurred to me that I’ve never recommended it to you. I always wanted to read the Bible the entire way through but I kept dropping the ball. Now I’m on my third time through. Check it out. Also, I recommend 2X speed. The author is great but pretty slow

3. What I’m Doing: I’m back to meditating every day. My stress level has recently been the highest it’s ever been to the point where I want to punch walls throughout the day. Or just hide in a corner and cry. Meditating gets my mind right. Try the Headspace app. It’s a lifesaver

4. What I’m Reading: Speaking of meditation, I’m reading a great book that is teaching me how to zone out and go zen during my runs. It’s Flow State Runner by Jeff Grant. I’ve already started implementing it’s first recommendations. For example, this morning I ran to African drum music. It helped some, but I have a long way to go

5. What I’m Eating: I’m still going in and out of ketosis. It’s been super hard due to Memorial Day weekend and three weeks of traveling. But I’m trying hard. Speaking of eating healthier, Zombie Bob’s Pizza is rolling out a new lunch menu including wraps and new salads. I literally just had the best wrap ever and tasted one (just one) of the absolute best croutons I’ve ever put in my mouth. It rolls out next week

6. What I’m Drinking: Vodka. Lots and lots of vodka waters. The hardest part of the ketogenic diet has been staying away from the beer. This isn’t a recommendation as much as it is a complaint to hold this spot in the blog series for when I’m back on beer

7. What I’m Working On: Outside of huge client work, including SeaWorld who has me insanely busy, I’m working on Phase 2 of the  Frothy / Push expansion. For Frothy we’re getting the patio fixed up by laying down a wooden deck and adding additional enhancements. We’re in talks with our landlord and received amazing architectural drawings for the Push expansion into the next door space. I can’t wait to show you more of that

I hope you have found something cool here to try.