I’m 100% not ashamed to admit that I, Wesley Donehue, the CEO of a digital marketing agency… got successfully retargeted. I’m a conversion. Here are this week’s 7 things. You’re probably going to start noticing a trend…

1. Handmaid’s Tale
The Hulu original series is based on a best selling novel and stars Elizabeth Moss (“Mad Men”). It takes place in a dystopian future where only a few women CAN reproduce and they are sold as slaves to reproduce for the families of the powerful and rich. Pretty freaking amazing and quickly becoming one of my favorite TV shows. Highly recommended.

2. Birddogs
They’re a brand of athletic shorts I bought after seeing an ad on Facebook (read the last part again silently to yourself) that was targeted to athletes and entrepreneurs. Most comfortable shorts I have ever owned—so comfortable I sometimes think I’m not wearing anything and have to check. Get A PAIR.

3. Zombie Bob’s Pizza
It was only a matter of time before Frothy and Zombie Bob’s joined the brunch bandwagon. Last week they rolled a new brunch menu featuring breakfast pizzas, special drinks and much more…including THE BEST cinnamon roll I have had in my entire life.

4. Raising Men
This book is by a former Navy SEAL who talks about how to raise boys, using lessons learned from SEAL training. This is important to me since I was raised mainly by women, have two sons and had ZERO training in this area.

5. Reply All
Hands down the best tech podcast on the internet. The best. NOT geeky or nerdy tech—more storytelling. Really outstanding.

6. YouTube
This one is already one of my favorite seven things but I have rediscovered a NEW LOVE for it. I am finding all kinds of great, helpful “how-to” videos like ones that help me with triathlon training. Coincidentally, I am watching almost no broadcast television.

7. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
An animated series produced by the company that made Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and includes characters related to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe popularized by Mister Rogers. Kids LEARN important lessons by watching (and listening to the songs). Love.