Well folks, we’ve only got a handful of days left in 2017 so I guess it’s time to wrap it all up.

Below you’ll find 99 pieces of content… blogs, vlogs, videos, AARs and we’ve even thrown in a few audio clips and podcasts. Hopefully you find something that is even the slightest bit helpful. And if you do, then that’s what makes all of this totally worth it.

Thank you and enjoy!

My Blogs
How You Can Actually Lose Weight In 2017 

I’ve Been Humbled By Water 

New Year, Big Push

The View? No thanks. The Chew??? Nah. MARKET THE BREW?! That’s what I’m talking about!

Seeking Advice On Upcoming Fitness Events

How Will Data Be Used In Future Political Campaigns

Can Donlad Trump Save Twitter?

The Only Thing That Matters

There’s A Lot Of Cursing In These Pics

Why All The Insanity 

Jesus Spent 40 Days Embracing The Suck

This Is One Of My Worst Habits

This Is One Word I Hate Above All Others

I Just Ran 38.75 Miles

How Do You Have So Much Time?

Push Does These Three Things

We’ve Hired Our First Sales Person

Building The Empire: From Political Operative To Entrepreneur 

I Live My Life By The Pareto Principle

Why I Call Out Individuals On Staff When They Drop Balls

My Journey To Become An Ironman Begins Now

7 Things That Are Badass And Perhaps Even Magical

I Made A Mistake

7 Things That Are Badass And Perhaps Even Magical, Part 2

Continuing My Journey Toward A Tattoo

To Blog, Or Not To Blog

No Time For Lollygagging

7 Things That Are Badass And Perhaps Even Magical, Part 3

This Is Where South Carolina Craft Beer Stands

I’m Back And Kicking Ass

You Can’t Just “Do Digital, Too.”

Push Digital Expands With New Hires

The Struggle Is Real: Being An Entrepreneur, Father, Husband & Wannabe Endurance Athlete

7 Things That Are Badass And Perhaps Even Magical, Part 4

What’s In My Kit

Digital Advocacy Was The Game Changer For Fixing Your Roads

Make A Decision

What Not To Do In The Morning If You Want To Be Productive And Happy

This Why There Are So Many Positive Vibes Around Push

How To Work Out Four Hours A Day

Must Listen: A Frank Conversation About Political Tactics For Corporate Crisis

My Failed Vlogging Experiment And We’re Hiring

The Confederate Flag In My Attic

I’m Positive About Fighting Negativity

Don’t Stop Moving

Nothing But Positive Vibes Coming On The Blog

Totally Focused This Week

Two Tips For Training Your Face Off

The Positivity In This T-Shirt Matters Most

Why And How We Get Shit Done

Technology Is Killing Our Client Relationships

If The Fixer From Pulp Fiction, Winston Wolf, Was A Digital Agency –It’d Be Push.

Digital Supplies Qualitative Insight Into Users True Feelings

It’s My Birthday And I Really Need This…

The Toughest Time Of The Year Every Year

Yes, You Can Hustle Too Hard

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year And Nothing But Positive Vibes. I’m Out!

Wait –How Many Days Did This Year Have?

My Favorite Client Content Of 2017

My Favorite Personal Content Of 2017

My Favorite Push Digital Content Of 2017

My Videos
This Week’s Fitness Update Is A Video

Why Term Limits Are Good For America

Good People Vs. Bad People

Have A Reason To Run For Office

The Real Reason Why I Won’t Run For Office

Push On High Alert

A Day At Push: It’s Crunch Time

GORUCK Joe Warner Fort Bragg Heavy AAR

GORUCK Advanced FAD Pistol AAR

My Wife Crushed The Marathon And I Fell Apart

A Day At Push: Dropping Some Knowledge

An Inside Look At The Push Digital Ad Team

A Day At Push: Cinco De Star Wars

A Day At Push: Hellos And Goodbyes

The Behind The Scenes Look At The Push Creative Process

I Didn’t Die In My First Triathlon

For All The People Who Say I Can’t

GORUCK Will Kick Your Ass And You’ll Love It

I Just Crushed Another GORUCK Tough Challenge

Bozo The Clown And Political Marketing For Corporations

This One Is All About Positive Vibes

My Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur 

AAR: Thoughts On My Third Triathlon

The Best Ad We’ve Ever Created

The Three-Tier Alcohol System Is Bullshit

Southern Charm Is Not Representative Of Charleston

Death By Opioid Overdose

Eliminate Some Shit From Your Life 

Tracking Hurricanes Must Be Really Hard

You Were Born To Run

The Most Fun You Can Have At Work

How To Get Prepared For A Disaster 

A Day At Push: I Gave The Team A Mission

The Best Fitness Advice I Can Give You

A Day At Push: The Day Our Office Almost Blew Up 

Real Talk: Election Day 2017

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Technology Is Disconnecting Us