I don’t like gifts. I don’t like giving and I don’t like receiving. 

Here’s the thing: 

I don’t like how everything has become so commercialized and how gifts have taken away from the true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Christ. 

I also don’t like how the wise men giving gifts to our Savior and Saint Nicholas giving gifts to little poor children, has all been commercialized by major corporations with the main intent to sell shit. That drives me absolutely crazy.

I think whenever you’re forced to give someone a gift, it doesn’t mean as much. It’s not that I don’t like gifts, I don’t like being forced to give a gift. When it’s mandatory to give a gift, I think that takes away from the true meaning of a gift.

Gifts should be given when someone truly deserves it or you want to surprise someone that you love. 

I also don’t like receiving gifts. I personally feel very awkward when people give me things and when others stand around me and watch me open gifts. I never know what to say and it always makes me feel really funny.

I am much more of a gift giver than a gift receiver. I like giving people gifts not because I have to, but because I want to. 

Things that drive me batshit crazy are gifts.