It goes without saying that we are proud of the work we do around here for all of our clients. But every so often, we get the chance to do something truly amazing. You’ve heard us talk about SeaWorld, but not like this.

You see, SeaWorld knew they needed something to refocus the public’s attention and our job was to come up with that piece of creative that would cut through the noise and make people feel good about visiting the parks.

The needed a mission – a big one.

We’re happy to be part of a company working so hard to fix one of our world’s biggest problems – stopping an mass extinction. We didn’t arrive at this mission lightly. First of all, SeaWorld is one of the only companies around that can credibly boast the ability to impact the death of the world’s oceans. Second, they have a 50 year proven commitment to saving animals.

What they needed was to show the world a different SeaWorld – and this campaign is a disruptive force for changing the way the public views the company.

The collaboration that went into building this campaign was an amazing experience. All sorts of folks around the Push offices got involved. It was a pressure cooker, but a rewarding experience. From copy writing, to those amazing visuals and the music – it all had to fit just right.

We’re pretty pumped about it and we hope you are too.