I blog regularly. I also regularly question whether or not I should. Here’s why:

For one thing, talking about clients (candidates or causes or companies) in a positive way has always come very naturally to me. I could go on and on (and probably do) about how great our clients are.

By the same token, bragging about yourself (me or Push) feels different. And some of my “friends” jokingly (or is that non-jokingly?)  have accused me of being narcissistic or douchey for blogging. Dang.

Maybe I need some new friends. Because here’s the deal—yes, I am hot and cold on blogging. But if we don’t market ourselves, no one else will. It IS more difficult to have yourself as a client. If you don’t believe me, try writing your bio.

But we have to market ourselves. Have to. We also have to PLAN for our internal marketing because, of course, we are busy up to here (hand over head) with work for our clients. Not complaining. Love them and love being busy. But we can’t be too busy to take care of Push. Because we have a great story to tell.

Also, while our company has other offices, we are based in Charleston. That means we are not constantly at parties and happy hours on the Hill in Washington, nor are we regularly at meetings and conferences and dinners in New York. We DO travel a lot so we are OFTEN in DC or New York (or Tampa, or Atlanta, or San Antonio, or San Diego…), but to stay “top of mind” with the right people we need to pump out content they will see and like. Simple as that.

Short answer?  I’m getting back to blogging.  I’ll make it worth your time. And, as always, if you have any questions or need a hand, with something, you know how to reach me or the rest of our talented (and growing) team.