I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur.

I set out to be (and became) a political operative.

I went from knocking on doors and putting up yard signs to spending a year in a different state working on a U.S. Senate campaign and helping elect then—U.S. Rep. Jim DeMint to the Senate. I was general consultant on around 50 state legislative races. It was a wild ride and I wasn’t considering starting my own place until I couldn’t convince my bosses of the importance of digital.

I quickly became an entrepreneur, as well as, a political consultant. And I added on even more campaigns, larger campaigns, to my resume.

On the one hand, I still loved the pace, the creativity and the instant metrics of building a campaign. On the other, I found I also liked the idea of building a business from scratch.

For a guy who is not especially handy with a hammer or wrench, I really do LOVE building stuff—like companies and brands.

Becoming an entrepreneur by accident, I “learned by doing” and through a lot of trial and error. Along the way, I realized I just wanted more—more challenges, more different kinds of projects and more business to start. I want to build more things you can see, touch and experience.

In the past year alone, that has included building a new brewery for Frothy Beard, opening a new brick-and-mortar restaurant operation for Zombie Bob’s Pizza, re-doing a former church for the new Push worldwide headquarters and acquiring On Point.

In one year^.

Today we were taking a staff photo outside and I have to say with pride it took some time to get everyone into the frame. The company is getting bigger. Push has come a long way from me, my laptop and one client. We are still growing and have an AMAZING staff—they impress me (and our clients) every day.

But you can’t get anywhere by standing still. So I’m not. I’m still building Push, building Frothy, building Zombie Bob’s…and maybe working on a new blueprint or two. 😉