Matt Nichols and Brian Athey joined us a few months back when we acquired their firm, On Point. To familiarize themselves with Push and our staff members, Matt and Brian conducted an employee survey. The survey turned out to be helpful for all of us.

One of the findings was that many staff members were nervous about being called out or embarrassed publicly when they’ve dropped the ball. Believe me, that has never been my intent.

In fact, the opposite is true. I think it’s a great opportunity for team building along with being a teachable moment. Why?

For starters, when one person drops the ball, it’s really the whole team that did. Makes sense? You missed a deadline? That means your department did. We’re in this together. And we need have each other’s backs.

Also, we can learn from a mistake. All of us. Here’s what went wrong, here’s why it went wrong, here’s how we’re going to fix it.

I drop balls and call myself on it and learn from it. We’re humans. As awesome as the staff at Push is, we can all still get even better.