I have a beautifully framed confederate flag. It flew over the South Carolina statehouse and it has a nice letter from, then, State Senator Joe Wilson framed with it. It used to hang on my home office wall. And now sits in my attic. Elizabeth and I decided to take it down years ago. We saw the flag as heritage, not hate. But then one day we realized that it’s not about how we see it. It was about how our African American friends saw it. We weren’t selfish enough to fly a symbol that made other people uncomfortable in our home. And let’s not try to rewrite history the way liberals are trying to rewrite history – African Americans have a damn good reason to feel uncomfortable and if you can’t put yourself in their shoes here, something is straight up wrong with your brain.

We saw the flag as a symbol of our heritage. But how can we defend that symbol when it is being used by the most vile people in the world to promote hate? The short answer is that we cannot. As Christians, we are supposed to love everyone and that symbol, whether we like it are not, shows the complete opposite.

confederate flag

Now, lets talk about heritage and this argument that confederate soldiers were somehow treasonous. Three important points here:

First, the super majority of those soldiers who died WERE NOT wealthy slave owners. They were poor young men.

Second, the view of our nation then was not what it is now. Those men lived in the “United States,” which means a group of individual and self governed states that came together under one banner. National pride was not what it is now. Pride was in the states. I know that’s hard to imagine now given the size of the federal government and the near dissolution of states’ right, but those are historical facts and not opinions.

Finally, there was a draft here. Regardless of the reason for fighting, those men would have been treasonous if they would not have answered the call to the draft. It doesn’t matter how we see the flag. The super majority of Americans, especially our African American brothers and sisters, see that flag as hate because horrible humans are using it as such. That doesn’t mean though that we should rewrite history, rip down confederate solider monuments and label those dead soldiers by today’s completely different standards.

How do we honor those soldiers who fought for our home without looking racist? I have absolutely no EFFing clue. Good luck with that.