This is Part 1 of a 10 part series.

As PUSH takes on more corporate clients, one thing I’ve noticed is the pace at which companies move… it’s slow. They talk and deliberate, and talk some more. And they never really seem to make a move.

It might just be me though… because after 20 years in politics, I’ve learned to move fast and it’s engrained in PUSH’s DNA to act with a sense of urgency on every project.

The Reason: There is only ONE commodity in politics – TIME. You can raise more money. You can recruit more volunteers. You can’t create more time. There is an election date set and it’s not moving!

I’ve been living in a world where there’s ONLY urgency. End-of-the-quarter fundraising. Primary. Debate. Press conference. Editorial review board. Absentee Ballots. The calendar is moving against you at every step. Speed is your only option.

Corporations need to take a page from the political play book and move fast. Here’s why: In the age of the Internet and 24-hour news networks, public opinion can shift in 20 minutes.

Case in point: United Airlines’ public relations disaster in May took them DAYS to get response out. While they were making sure every corporate lawyer, public relations executive, and board member checked off on a statement – the internet was carving them a new one with memes, videos, tweets and blog posts.

Your lawyers may keep you out of jail, but they’re not going to save you from the online hoard of hecklers. And unfortunately – the slow down is doing more damage to your brand.

Swift action could have made the difference for United.

At Push, we approach corporate brand reputation with the same sense of urgency as a campaign. This doesn’t mean we’re sloppy. It doesn’t mean we haven’t thought things through… it just means your message reaches your audience faster and will have a greater impact.

As information moves quicker and more diffuse thanks to technology; Corporations should start thinking like campaigns and pick up the pace.