Over the last several years, Push Digital has become known as THE crisis communications firm in the Southeast. Perhaps it’s because of the work we’ve done with big corporations or maybe it’s just our experience with the day-to-day rigamarole of the political campaign cycle. Whatever the reason is, all we know is that our team is really good at cleaning up messes and finding the silver lining for our clients.

So, what exactly is crisis communications? By definition it’s an unexpected or detrimental situation or event. Essentially, a crisis is any “Oh shit!” moment that you and your team may encounter. Whether you’re in the Charleston Lowcountry or in the skyscraper capital of the world… gravity is universally the same. And you know what rolls downhill. So you need to be prepared for the storm that follows.

In politics, crises happen a lot. And, more often than not, campaign managers face some sort of scandal almost every single day. That’s just politics. However, here’s the trick, every “good” campaign manager knows that if a crisis management plan is prepared and approached correctly, it can play to your advantage like a game. A really ugly and convoluted game where you’re either a winner or a loser—and nobody wants to be a loser. Sounds like fun, right?

How do you win the crisis communications game? Simple. Just follow the Push Digital 3-step plan…

1 Tell it all.

2 Tell it fast.

3 Tell the truth.

Over the next several weeks we’re going to explore WHAT our crisis communications strategy is, WHY our strategy should be your solution, and HOW you can implement it. So if you don’t have a pen and paper, go ahead and grab some because class is in session and you’re gonna to want to take notes.