This is part 4 of an 11 part series.


Real quick, let’s recap our Crisis Communication Dos and Don’ts. By now you’ve already learned that problems will happen. Crisis is inevitable and your team should always be prepared for a rebuttal against any accusations. Regardless of whether or not those nastygrams are 100% true, own up to the mistake and apologize. Then, fix it. And STAT. Whenever possible be transparent and let the public know exactly what you’re doing to fix it. Lastly, since your team is awesome, they’ve already found a way to move on and turn the negative press into positive press. So, what’s next? Rebuild the brand.

Politicians, corporations, celebrities, universities, you name it; if they are marketable then they’ve definitely got a brand. A brand is what defines your company. It’s the image, the core values and your mission statement. And when a company’s world gets rocked with a crisis, that brand gets a black eye and the public sees it. Trust us, it’s never pretty.

While you’re knocking out your company’s new “path to victory” punch list, spruce up your brand. Now, we’re not talking about re-inventing the wheel, but try looking for opportunities to prove you’ve corrected the error in a way that reinforces your brand’s principles. Hop on social media, be personal and candid with your comments, reward customer loyalty by replacing a faulty product for free, and give new customers a reason to do business with incentives and discounts. Everyone loves a comeback kid.

Speaking of comeback kids… let’s talk about McDonald’s, the company that gave birth to the fast food industry in America. In 2004, the documentary Super Size Me was released and quickly the chain was deemed wholly responsible for the nation’s increasing health problems. With almost zero other options, McDonald’s decided to dump a ton of money into revamping their brand and, of course, their menu. The result? A Starbucks-style brick-and-mortar remodeling that is chic and modern accompanied by an array of fresh and healthier menu items like salads. Yes, salads. And, no, we don’t want fries with that! But we will take one large brand rebuilding, please.