I didn’t die in my very first triathlon. But I thought I was going to three times. I’m not joking or over exaggerating. I can honestly say I haven’t been that scared since I was held up with a sawed off shotgun to my head, while working at Applebees. Three times the lifeguards came over and asked if I was okay. Even Old Flame stopped mid-swim to ask if I was okay.

About 20 seconds in, a guy grabbed the top of my shorts and pulled me under water. I took a huge gulp of water and came up freaking out. I swam immediately to shore. I never mentally recovered.

It was bad, y’all. I’d say it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, especially when I was breast stroking to shore, fighting for air and trying to reach the bottom, while my family was right there watching. I choked up and almost cried. So bad. So very embarrassing.

I walked the last 25ish meters with my head hung in shame. I prayed no one was watching as I ripped off my cap and goggles with anger. But everyone was watching. No claps. No encouraging words. Just looks of astonishment as if they had just witnessed a legitimate train wreck.

The bike portion went as expected. I held a 18 – 19 mph pace and was satisfied with my performance. I just need to get over my mind EFF from the big crash a few months back. Physically I can push harder. I’m just scared I’ll crash hard. Only time will fix this issue.

The run went well. I held a solid 7:40 pace. The heat got me a few times and I walked more than I wanted, but still, I felt that I crushed it. I finished strong and passed a lot of people who passed me in the water.

All in all, it was a negative experience. But shit, I can’t go anywhere but up from here.┬áMany thanks to my amazing swim coach, Chris. Without him I wouldn’t have finished at all. Thanks to my F3 brothers and all you internet peeps who encouraged me. Most of all, thanks to my smoking hot wife and two boys who came out to encourage me.

I might suck big time, but this man has no quit in him. DFQ mofos! On to my next two sprints, an Olympic distance and a half Ironman. If you need me in the next 16 weeks I’ll probably be at Danny Jones pool.