Last week I launched a vlogging experiment to see if I could vlog six days in a row. I love blogging but video seems to suit me better for two reasons. First, I can do it quickly, on the fly and anywhere. Secondly, I believe a lot of the folks out there giving advice on the web our faking it. I see people giving business advice who have never even really built a business. With video I can show the proof behind the rhetoric.

Unfortunately the vlogging experiment failed miserably. The thought was that I could do the videoing myself and then pass the clips off to one of my editors. The first part went well as I cut six days of video. We released three and we still have three in the can. Unfortunately my video team is completely slammed with paying clients and they must come first. Thus, I’m the plumber with the leaky pipes or as some say, the cobbler whose kids have no shoes.

I enjoyed my six days of vlogging and I also want to live what I preach for my businesses Frothy Beard, Zombie Bob’s Pizza and Push. I tell our clients that they have to pump out constant content and today everything is going video. Thus, my businesses have to pump out constant videos.

The only way to get this done is to bring on my third full-time video editor to concentrate solely on my internal projects. So that’s what I’m doing. If you’re a badass videographer, click here and lets do some amazing work together. If you know a badass videographer, please pass this post along to him/her.