I’ve said this before, but December is typically a crazy time in the office. We’re wrapping up content calendars and crunching the numbers for next year’s budgets, but between all of that and chasing around my precious boys and smoking hot wife, I found a little bit of time to create a new strategy for next year’s blog. Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to keep pumping out the content… but it could be in a different format. That’s all I’m saying cause new content will be here soon enough.

This year though, my blog was all over the place. Which is weird because I’m a super structured and organized individual. Like serial killer status. However, I also like a lot of cool shit and I wanted to share it with y’all. So, you know, here we are. But even though my blog was all over the place, my goal was to just keep it real and be my authentic self. I really wanted to share my struggles, and by doing so, I hope that I helped others who feel like they’re constantly under water too. Because we all struggle. Whether it’s losing weight or breaking down your business goals, struggle is every where and in every form. More than that though, I was hoping y’all would also keep me accountable. And y’all did. Even when my body was calling it quits, my mind was still running in circles so I continued to put pen to paper. From discussing my entrepreneurial endeavors or just belaboring that fact that I’m addicted to fitness, writing has become way more than just a creative outlet for me. I’m all about transparency and sharing my best and worst self with y’all. And I think I did just that.

Check out a few of my favorite personal pieces from this year.

Jesus Spent 40 Days Embracing The Suck
Read this story every day, find a trait in Jesus that you can take, and use it in your daily life.

How Do You Have So Much Time?
I hope some of this advice can help you find more time in your week, allowing you to knock out some big goals you’ve been waiting to tackle.

Push Does These Three Things
We specialize. Rather than trying to be all things to all clients, we do three things and we do them really well. Ready?

I Live My Life By The Pareto Principle 
Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It’s really called the Pareto Principle, named after an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto.

Why I Call Out Individuals When They Drop Balls
I think it’s a great opportunity for team building along with being a teachable moment. Why?

Continuing My Journey Toward A Tattoo
Somehow a boy from Goose Creek has made it to 37 with no ink. I’m going to straight up earn one.

You Can’t Just Do Digital Too
I’m totally calling BS on political consulting firms and marketing agencies in general that claim they “do digital, too.”

The Struggle Is Real
Ignore all the fake bullshit click bait articles. If you want to know the real story, here it is. It’s a struggle, but somehow it’s a manageable struggle.

What’s In My Kit
Last week a buddy asked “what all do you have in your kit?” I started pulling out a wide variety of objects and thought “man, this might be blog worthy.”

This Why There Are So Many Positive Vibes 
The struggle is real. But the struggle can be overcome when you surround yourself with an amazing team fueled by positive vibes. No more negativity. Ever.

Death By Opioid Overdose 
This is my most personal blog yet… America needs to WAKE UP. Death by opioid overdose is a problem and it’s been knocking on our door for a long time.

I’m Positive About Fighting Negativity
During my morning commute to the pool, I had a huge epiphany. Learn why I’ve been unhappy for so long and how positive vibes IS going to change it.

Two Tips For Training Your Face Off
A lot of people have been asking me for “workout’ advice, well, here it is: Don’t workout. You have to train. Here are two tips for training your face off.

I Am Winston Wolf, I Solve Problems
Every brand needs someone to call when they have royale-with-cheese sized problems. Push is that agency because our world is crisis, we live and breathe it.

Lastly, all of my VLOGS. If I could turn one of these babies out every single day, I would. I’m obsessed. Not with me, but how awesome my team makes them look. Watch the whole playlist here.