It’s how every agency pitches their business, “We’re different.” That alone makes them the same. And, really, not a very creative agency at all.

I prefer to say that Push is not the traditional digital agency that you’d find in our corporate America. It’s our political DNA that truly makes us different to our core.

Push utilizes its experience from the hardest fought political campaigns in the nation and it’s speed and agility to help campaigns, corporations and advocacy groups solve their reputation problems in the digital space.

We’re different because I, nor any of our leaders, have ever worked at a marketing agency. We’re all political operatives. That means our agency isn’t even organized, or built, like a normal agency. Hell, I don’t even know how a traditional agency is built. I’ve never researched it. And I don’t care to either. Because corporate America is slow as hell and that lack of speed defines most of their problems.

Like a finely tuned Formula 1 race car, every inch of Push is built for speed. We hug corners and zoom down the straight aways. We react, pivot and move faster than any agency you’ll ever find.

That’s important for two reasons:

First, we don’t just launch big marketing campaigns. We run reputation campaigns, many of which happen during a crisis. A reputation can be formed or changed in minutes. Think about your opinion of Kevin Spacey on Sunday. Now think of your opinion of Kevin Space today (Tuesday morning). One minute he’s one of your favorite actors. The next he’s a pedophile. Damn, that changed fast.

Secondly, the Internet waits for no one. A rumor or a lie can become the truth in just seconds as it’s shared by thousands, then tens of thousands, then millions. You have to react immediately and you can’t do that unless you’re built to react immediately.

Reputation + the Internet = a raging fire!

Yes, we’re creative. Yes, we’re data-driven. Yes, we’re innovative. Yes, we’re pretty damn smart. But, so are most of our competitors.

What truly sets us apart is our speed, intensity and endurance. Those traits were gained through decades in the political trenches. You don’t just learn them. You become them.

To put it simply – we get shit done.