Once upon a time (always wanted to write that!), Push was me, my laptop and one $500 a month retainer client. I am happy to report that we have grown exponentially since then and are poised for more growth. So much more that I did it—hired our first sales person.

Emzee Hilliard is someone we’ve known around SC political circles for several years, and she joined us on Monday. We’re very excited for her to be here.

Myself, Michael Rentiers, Phil V, Phil Bailey, and Matt Nichols and Brian Athey (since our acquisition of On Point) all work on business development—that is, bringing new clients onboard, following up on referrals and generating leads.

But the reality is, we all find ourselves spending more and more time managing current clients and projects. It’s a good problem to have—great clients and a busy agency. No complaints. Just a question to answer:

So who does biz dev?

The short answer is, all of us will still do some—and Matt Nichols will be leading the process with Emzee working with him. I think it’s going to work out great.

There’s a story about a guy who stopped at a roadside diner called “Mom’s Home Cooking.”
After he ordered, he asked, “Where’ s Mom?” The answer was “She’s home cooking.”

As a business owner, you concentrate on your products. How could you not? If you’re a home builder, you’re likely building homes. If you’re me, you’re developing killer digital strategies. But you MUST have a well-organized, dedicated, focused sales effort for growth. And now we do.

Welcome Emzee when you have a chance. Stop by for a chat (or a beer) when you can.