You know what they say—smart people learn from their mistakes, but smarter people learn from other people’s mistakes. Be smarter. Take me up on my offer.

I read a lot of books on entrepreneurial tips. Listen to motivational speakers. And I follow advice on working out, nutrition and health. One common theme among them all is push, push, push (you know, that would make a good name for a company). Crush it. Work harder. Test your limits. Stop at nothing.

So I did all of those. I scheduled more half- and full marathons, more challenging GORUCK events, more difficult F3 events. I ran more, lifted more, exercised more, pushed more. Another mile. Another weight. Another hour.

And, finally, I basically collapsed. I listened to everyone and everything except for my own body. And it has been telling me for a while now to take it easy. In the case of my immune system, it was screaming at me.

From the flu to colds to a sinus infection, I was sick for almost two straight months. I was even crazy enough to run a marathon while that sick. But enough was enough.

I decided to take a stay-cation leading up to Easter and it did me a world of good. Truly. What better time than during the season of renewal?

I relaxed, spent some time just enjoying the beach, Charleston and (especially) my family.

My mistake is I overdid it. I learned there is a limit. I learned I need to take a break. Everyone does. That doesn’t mean stop. It means slow down from time to time.

Just to be clear: I’m not changing the name the company to Sit On Your Ass Digital. We’re still pushing. I’m still pushing. But I’m going to push my body a little smarter.