Every brand needs someone to call when they have royale-with-cheese sized problems. We’re that agency.

Our clients typically find themselves in some sort of trouble and needing someone to show up at their door saying, “I’m Winston Wolf. I solve problems.”

We get calls to run big political campaigns and to do big branding projects. But lately, 90% of the calls and emails we receive are from folks needing a Winston Wolf, or someone who can just step in and solve their problem.

Our world is crisis, we live and breath it. We’re the ones who stay calm while everyone else is fearing for the worst. Little issues that suddenly got much bigger, exploding onto the local, state, national and even global scene because of the Internet, are what we handle best.

I’m not just talking about those bad or wrong things that folks actually do. Many of our clients inadvertently got caught up in a controversy without doing anything wrong at all. For so many brands out there, an accusation is enough to blow up their world.

Politicians and corporations alike are now guilty until proven innocent. Lies become fact within minutes.That’s the power of the Internet, and the Internet is the battleground.

You must fight the war where it is being waged, that’s where we come in and right to your door. We assess the situation, help you get back on your feet, and solve the problem. No matter how big, fair or unfair it may be. It’s not for everyone, but it is where we thrive.

We’re Push and we solve problems.