For years I’ve tried to launch a successful blog. And by successful, I don’t mean something that millions of people are reading or one that can be monetized. I just mean one that I can consistently publish quality and consistent content that may be useful to you. You know, stuff I’m learning as I hustle my little heart out.

Recently, I’ve been posting a lot of different stuff here. I’ve posted all the content we’re pumping out from Push. I’m posting my new VLOG. I’m posting my random personal thoughts and fitness updates.

Today I’m reorganizing this mess. Here you’ll find all my personal stuff. You’ll get my thoughts on a lot of random things, including entrepreneurship, politics, technology and fitness. But I’ll help you cut through the clutter by tossing all the Push content back over to Push. Perhaps I will occasionally post a summary of a bunch of posts all at one time if I think that’s useful to you.

You know how much I believe in content. We have it coming from so many different angles that it’s honestly hard to keep up. My assistant, Sally, is crushing that. Now it’s on me to keep us organized.

Speaking of me, life is great. Thanks for asking. Work has been steady. The family is awesome. Training is frustrating, BUT I’m progressing. Honestly, I’m just ready to get back into a routine. Last week was Labor Day and then I was on the road and then we let the team off on Friday to evacuate Charleston early. Today, I’m sitting here watching the Lowcountry get pounded, while power and wifi flickers on and off. I hope we’re cool to get back to work tomorrow. You know me. I’m itching.

Have a great night. And if you’re in the South Carolina Lowcountry or in Hurricane Irma’s path, hunker down and stay safe.

-Wesley Donehue