I hate rest. I don’t do it well at all. I move. All the time. It’s what I do.

But now it’s time. Not because I want to. But because I have to. My body is demanding it.

About two years ago I decided to fill my calendar with endurance events and to cover my wall with blingpatches and medals. I thought that by always having an event I would force myself to work harder and harder. It has worked in my professional life, so it must work for physical improvement too, right?

Not so much. This journey has been a real learning experience. I’ve learned that I’m not the fastest or the strongest, but I am able to endure more pain than most people. I’ve learned that I am headstrong and capable of so much more than I thought. I’ve learned that few tasks in this world are really impossible.

However, I’ve also learned that the human body can’t keep going that hard without some rest. The cardiovascular system, immune system and muscles must rebound after extreme duress. I have failed to give them adequate rest.

I went hard, real hard, in the fall and winter. In the past four months alone I’ve completed three marathons, a GORUCK Heavy and an ultra-marathon relay. Because of all that stress, my immune system has hit rock bottom and I’ve been sick for over a month. So now I must finally accept the word I hate the most and rest. That means no big endurance events for twothree months. I’ll still train, but nothing huge.

You’re welcome, body. You’re welcome.