Going until my body collapses

I have a bad habit.

I go hard. Real hard. Until I can’t go anymore. Then I’m down for days at a time.

That’s where I am this week. I should be celebrating the grand opening of Frothy and drinking my face off. Instead, I’m coughing up a lung, feeling like ass and staying in bed.

I started falling ill last week and instead of taking time off, I ran a marathon. Yeah, I literally had a fever and ran a full marathon, in the snow. That wasn’t the plan. It was going to be Elizabeth’s first marathon and I told myself weeks in advance that this one wasn’t about me. It was about my lady. I was going to run with her and not worry about my pace. The only goal was to finish and get her across the finish line.

I felt horrible Friday and Saturday and then woke up Sunday in Asheville feeling like crap. I told myself that I would run to the first aid stage, three miles in, and get a ride back. I just wanted to get her started and motivated. I got to mile three and thought “I’ll go to the next station.” Then I was at mile eight and said “I’ll just dip out at the split for the half marathon and get the half medal.” Then I got to the half split and thought “well shit, I’m half way now. Might as well keep going.”

After two stops at medical tents for a total of about 30 minutes, getting confused to the point where I couldn’t do simple math, stumbling off the course multiple times and eventually falling and then doing some horrible walk, run, shuffle for miles, I crossed the finish line way behind Elizabeth… a FULL HOUR slower than my marathon PR.

This isn’t new. I keep doing this. I go go go until my body collapses. It’s ignorant to the point where one day I might seriously hurt myself or cause permanent damage. I acknowledge my issue and I’ll fix it.

Last week I didn’t blog much because we were trying to get Frothy open. This week I’m not blogging much because I feel like crap. I’ll get back on it ASAP.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring.