We’re growing and growing and growing. Literally, right now, our staff is sitting on top of each other here at Push. We have people sitting at tables, desks, and scattered amongst the brewery. This truly is a great problem to have. Not to give too much away, but that problem will be fixed very soon. I’m on it.

I’ve mentioned this before, but we’ve shifted our strategy. Typically during this period of the political cycle, firms like ours start firing. But not us. We’re hiring.


(Charleston, SC) — Push Digital, the Charleston, SC-based digital marketing agency known nationally for its expertise in political campaigns and online advocacy, recently hired three new communications professionals, according to Wesley Donehue, the Founder and CEO of Push.

In welcoming Lindsay DeTroia, Sierra Mascilak and Emzee Hilliard, Donehue said, “I’ve been telling people we have the largest and most talented staff we’ve ever had—and now it’s even better. These new hires are great for our clients and for Push. We have the largest political agency in South Carolina and we are one of the largest in the Southeast.”

“We are already bursting at the seams of our new headquarters,” Donehue said, referring to the converted church in West Ashley that houses Push, Frothy Beard Brewing and Zombie Bob’s Pizza. “But rapid growth is a good problem to have.”

DeTroia, a native of New Jersey, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Journalism from West Virginia University. She joined Push as an Account Executive.

Mascilak, also a Garden State native, graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and has joined the advertising department at Push.

Hilliard, from Bennettsville, SC, studied at the University of South Carolina, earned her BA in Spanish and Psychology and graduated cum laude. She went on to do her graduate work at the Medical University of South Carolina. Hilliard is joining Push in a new role—Deputy Director of Business Development.

Matt Nichols, Director of Business Development at Push, explains: “Several of us at Push work on new business, but  we are also extremely busy with current clients. Having a dedicated biz dev staff is another step in Push’s growth as a company.”

Push Digital’s clients include SeaWorld, Airlines for America, the
American Chemistry Council and Home Shopping Network. The firm is also known for having worked on Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign and his senate re-election.