What’s the first step to running for office? Having a reason to run.

The majority of the time, people don’t have a good reason. Limelight, power and/or a play in the game are not solid reasons when it comes to running for public office. What you really need is passion.

I got into politics because I grew up as the “poor kid.” Both of my parents had severe drug addictions, causing my father to be imprisoned, while my mother died of an overdose.

My childhood led me to believe that the system was broken, and I wanted to get involved in politics to make a difference.

I personally never felt called to run for office. Instead, I thought that I could have the greatest impact being the man behind the scenes, helping hundreds of awesome people get into office to serve. This way, rather than only one individual serving, hundreds of others could make their mark in office.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a reason to run. Without it, you are wasting your time and that of others.