Last Friday was rough at Push. Everyone was stressed. We walked into our senior staff meeting and almost everyone bitched each other out. I walked out early. The senior leaders took their negativity out of the conference room and into their departments, where the bad moods trickled down to every other teammate.

Creativity was lost. Productivity was diminished. Everyone was looking forward to five o’clock.

It was a rough week. We woke up every morning to one client ripping us apart. A couple of our largest clients put us under insane deadlines. That’s all good. That’s typically when our team performs the best. But it’s been a string of weeks like this, and at a certain point, the human mind just burns out. I was particularly burnt out, and instead of being a motivator, I let my team down by letting negative vibes permeate throughout the company. I went to bed Friday feeling like shit. I felt like shit all day Saturday. I proceeded to take my bad mood out on my F3 brothers at two big events, and then I took it out on my family.

It all changed when I woke up Sunday morning to an email from one of our senior teammates that was full of drama. I sat through church, seething. I’m not even sure what our pastor preached on. I couldn’t think of one thing except how pissed off I was.

Suddenly, something flipped in my mind the moment I sat back down after communion. Maybe it was God. Maybe it was the taste of wine on my lips. Maybe it was me thinking about a F3 brother, who I had never met and who lost his life last week at the age of 37 after being hit by a car during a run, leaving behind a wife and two children. I asked myself, “Wesley, why did you start Push?” I knew the answer – to escape the negative vibes from my previous employer.

I wanted to have fun, because I believe creativity comes when you are in one of two places. You’re either so depressed that you’re hopped up on drugs or fueled by alcohol, eventually killing yourself like we’ve seen throughout history, or you’re happy as hell and having fun. I think I’ll choose the latter.

I got home and immediately called my top three lieutenants. I then called our ad director. I told them all that when we step into the office on Monday, we will do nothing but radiate positive vibes throughout the walls of Push. Negativity and drama will not be tolerated. Negative people will be pulled aside, and maybe even sent home. The senior leaders will hold each other accountable and call each other out the moment negativity is spotted. We will fuel our creativity, our successes and our growth through positive vibes. Push will be built on positive vibes or I’ll shut the whole thing down. I’ve learned from both my parents and my stepfather dying at very early ages that life is too short to let negativity dominate the mind. It’s all positive vibes from here on out. I went around the office all day and all week just saying, “positive vibes” to reinforce the theme. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof:

The struggle is real. But the struggle can be overcome when you surround yourself with an amazing team fueled by positive vibes.

Positive vibes. Positive vibes. Positive vibes.

And y’all, this week was freaking awesome! We picked up a huge corporate client. We raised a ton of money for our political campaigns for the end of the quarter. We pumped out seriously creative art. We hosted our largest client for two days in Charleston. Most importantly, everyone was happy and having fun.

Positive vibes for everyone!