Everyone is busy. No one has enough time.

Except, I don’t think that’s true. We all have the same amount of time in the day. Some days are busier than others. In fact, some days are so busy that you can’t even find time to go to the bathroom. I’ve been there. And you’ve been there. But some days just aren’t that busy. You might find yourself with an extra twenty minutes here and an extra ten minutes there. So, what do you do with those extra minutes? Do you shop on Amazon? Do you check out Instagram and see what your friends did last night?

Here’s a good answer: How about helping out your teammate that can’t find the time to take a leak?

That’s exactly what I’m trying to drill into the heads of the Push staff. Push isn’t about one person. It’s the sum of its parts and all of those parts must operate seamlessly together, like a well oiled machine, where one part relies on the efficiency of another part.

I’ve learned a lot about teammate work in the endurance events I take on. Here’s one lesson I gave the team last week….