As a digital company, we have to stay on top of the latest technology trends, not only for our business, but for our clients’ businesses and even just for our own personal day-to-day efficiencies. It’s uber important. What’s the best way to schedule tweets and posts? How can I more easily collect email addresses? We’re always answering these questions. So, it was actually pretty disheartening to come to the realization that technology is awesome for businesses, but it’s not so awesome for our client services.

Have you hung out with a millennial lately? We do, every single day. And they’re thumbs are magical. They can do anything with a smartphone and do whatever it is that they’re doing at warp speeds. On average, their texting GWaM (gross words a minute) is over 40 words a minute. Heck, they really don’t even need computers if they have a smartphone. The whole world is in their hands.

While millennials are highly efficient when it comes to multitasking, their people skills are seriously lacking. I’m not saying this is their fault, but it’s basically just the era they were born in. The 1990’s and early 2000’s had a major messaging revolution. After the Internet boom, the smartphone spawned soon after, which then caused email, texting, instant messaging and social media platforms to quickly follow. Suddenly, we were able to keep in touch with people that were 1000s of miles away in just seconds. It beat the shit out of snail mail.

So our staff, I mentioned this above, but they’re basically all a bunch of millennials. They’re cool, creative, and pretty much computer wizards. Our account managers are scheduling posts, assigning design items to our creative team, and writing digital ad copy all at the same time. They can do it all. But what they can’t do is… PICK UP THE PHONE. And it’s a huge disconnect.

I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. A whole project can come to a dead halt because someone does not email back. We’re busy. You’re busy. Grandma is busy. We get it. Emails slip into the spam folder randomly and sometimes (the majority of the time) we just forget to freaking reply. It happens! But while we’re busy being all digital and what not, it doesn’t even cross our minds to pick up the phone and say, “Hey Judy, we sent over that final branding package last week, what did you think?” All you have to do is call.

I don’t know if they’re scared or intimidated by dialing a long strand of numbers, or if it’s just not hardwired into their brains, but it’s got to change. We need to create those close personal connections with clients and picking up the phone is the very first step.