How digital agencies like mine fit into politics has been changing rapidly ever since we opened our doors. Competitors and clients alike have ranged from skeptical to amazed.

The current trend has two conflicting parts. One, that media consumption is more and more niche messages to niche audiences. That’s a plus for a digital agency. Two, that traditional TV agencies are grabbing more of the budgets meant for digital. And how do they spend it? By putting TV spots online. Square peg, round hole.

So where does that leave us? We’re becoming silent ATMs churning out fundraising emails (which we do and do well—don’t get me wrong).

Of course when the TV agencies see larger and larger parts of “their” budgets going to digital they would try to do something about it.

Yes, they’re drinking my milkshake. Or trying to. And it doesn’t make sense. Because trend #1 isn’t stopping—content will keep being more and more niche to audiences that are also—-closer and closer to 1:1.

Advantage: digital. (Say it like the court announcer says at Wimbledon.)

WATCH THE VIDEO to learn more and see a handsome guy. 😉

*Watch this and by the end, the landscape will have shifted again—that’s how fast it’s moving.