My thoughts on Friday night around 0200

There’s only one thing that matters right now.

It’s not a dropped ball by a subcontractor, vendor or utility company. Its not the opening deadline of our brewery. It’s not a client screwing me over. It’s not the internal politics of politics or corporations. It’s not the massive debt racked up by a client. It’s not the personal problems of one staffer or the whining of another. It’s not the pressure of making payroll this month.

It’s not another family death. It’s not a crying kid or finding time for Elizabeth. It’s not all the things that have my mouth full of stress ulcers or what has me puking after morning workouts.

It’s not the excruciating pain shooting through my crushed back, shoulders, calves and feet. It’s not how many hours we’ve gone or will go. It’s not the miles in front of me.

Only one thing in the entire world matters at this moment. Getting this damn 200 pound steel manhole cover to that railroad track.

That’s it. Don’t drop it. Don’t stop walking.

Find joy in the pain. The obstacle is the way. Embrace this suck. Push harder. Stop being a little bitch right now. You’re reborn hard.

Sing something. Caroline, heartbroken hard times never got us down. Walking the same line through every shady southern town. Hand in hand your arm ’round mine. Caroline, you do just fine.

That’s working. Keep singing. Shit, that hurts. I hope the guys behind me don’t drop this thing. That’s an immediate broken ankle. Keep singing. AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!

You did it. We’re here. The railroad track. Now take another step. Get to that street light. It’s the only thing that matters.

(photo credit: GRT Rich Angelet)