My wife, Elizabeth, is out on a run, my seven month old, Tennyson, is crying his friggin head off and my three year old, Harlowe, is screaming for me to wipe his bottom. I’ll be right back.

Harlowe is taken care of and I’m now typing with one hand while holding Tennyson with the other. Somehow I have to fit in a run, a core workout, a mobility workout and a shower before I leave for work in 70 minutes. I can’t do any of that until Elizabeth gets back so I might as well write.

I enjoy writing. It’s a creative outlet for me, but I’ve been struggling to find a clear path for my blog. I’m writing a little about everything – business, politics, digital marketing, working out and other shit I just like. Then finally this morning it dawned on me – just be real. Tell the story of this path I’m on and how damn hard it is.

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been struggling a lot over the past few years. I desperately want to grow my companies and I’ve found a new passion for entrepreneurship where as before I was just a political hack. Nothing is more important than my family. I spend all my “spare time” training for crazy endurance events, which right now is my journey to become an Ironman. Seriously, I’m having a very hard time balancing all that and just keeping it together. And by “it” I mean everything – my business, my family and my sanity.

Today the Internet is flooded with click bait articles telling you how easy it is to succeed by following a few simple steps.

Turn Your Kids Into The Best Human Beings Alive In 7 Easy Steps…

Follow These 8 Tricks To Run a Three Hour Marathon…

How These Rockstars Built Multi-Million Dollar Businesses By Stretching In The Morning…

It’s all fake bullshit. These writers look like super heroes instead of reflecting the struggles of everyday life. Can’t we be real? Where’s the transparency and authenticity?

This shit ain’t easy. It’s incredibly hard, y’all. And if we really want to help people we will tell them exactly what’s up.

Here’s the real story:

I stress puke some mornings when I think about payroll.
Harlowe often curses because I’m a dick who can’t watch his mouth.
I honestly don’t know why Elizabeth is still with me.
I absolutely hate the way my body works and looks.

Despite the struggle, life is great. My family is healthy, beautiful and the light of my life. My businesses are growing. My staff is amazing. I’m accomplishing physical feats I never thought I could possibly accomplish. My life is amazing. But keeping it amazing takes every ounce of energy in my body and every minute of every hour of every day I think it’s going to fall apart.

Ignore all the fake bullshit click bait articles. If you want to know the real story, here it is. It’s a struggle, but somehow it’s a manageable struggle if you just follow these 5 easy steps. Just kidding. 🙂

That’s the story I’m going to tell on my blog. A real one. No bullshit. Stay tuned.