My friendly followers, welcome to the blog. It’s been awhile since I last put pen to paper and wrote something real for y’all. Unfortunately, when you’re training your face off, scheduling some last minute biz dev trips and have 2 beautiful children and a smoking hot wife… some things are bound to get put on the back-burner. Sorry blog, that was you. But I’m back, so let’s begin.

During all my training I got a lot of direct messages from people asking me about what kind of “workouts” they should be doing and what kind of “tips” I can give them. First of all, I’m super humbled. Seriously, thank you. Because y’all know I used to never work out. So that’s probably the biggest compliment you could ever give me… asking me for fitness advice. It’s mind blowing. Secondly, if you’re remotely like me, then you can’t just work out. You have to train. And that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Pause for a second – I’m not the type who should be giving you fitness advice. I don’t have a six pack. I’m not placing high in my races. What I AM is the type who can give you advice on knocking out goals. That’s what I’m good at.

Let’s rewind. About this time last year, I made up my mind. It was time to get my very first tattoo. But not just any old tattoo where I go down to the the Blue Gorilla. I wanted to earn it. An Ironman tattoo. In my opinion, it’s a big symbol of badassery. Since then, I’ve been obsessed and training like a madman. But, I knew if I ever wanted to reach that goal, then I had to train. You see, working out doesn’t cut it. Working out may be about improvement, but there’s not big goal. There’s no big day staring you in the face that gets closer every single minute. There’s no actual reason to get out of bed. Nothing is forcing you to move.

Training is the exact opposite. It’s about crushing your goals and tackling your fears. Dedication. Determination. Accountability. Whether you like it or not, that starting line is coming your way and you better be ready for it.

Here are my two tips for making your fitness goals a reality:

1.) Set Actual Goals Along The Way
Wrapping my mind around competing in an Ironman Triathlon was a daunting task itself. I’m a runner, and I’ve been running now for about three years. However, I don’t bike… and here’s the thing, I’m a 37 year old man that does not know how to swim. At all. So it’s safe to say I had some very real and like straight up fears about to punch me in the face. So what did I do? I loaded up my calendar with swim lessons and sprint tri’s all the way up until my Half Ironman. Literally, I had an event almost every other weekend since March, and now I’m back at it this weekend with the Middleton Half-Marathon. Just because I met my huge goal for 2017 doesn’t mean I’m done –no, not even close. It’s time to start training for my full Ironman in 2018.

2.) Build A Support System
Charleston is an amazing place to be obsessed with fitness, and it’s not just to counteract all of the crazy good food we get to eat. The weather is insane 80% of the time and it’s absolutely true what they say about the people. At least in the exercise scene, they’re literally as nice as can be… it must be all of the endorphins. A few years ago I somehow managed to stumble into a support group called F3 and I made bunch of badass new friends that helped and continue to help keep me accountable along the way. Every Facebook and Instagram post, which I know is a lot, gets flooded with Positive Vibes and encouragements. Seriously, not once did I ever feel alone, even when I was scraped up on the side of the road with hamburger for an elbow. Could not appreciate all of y’all any more.

And that right there is the best fitness advice I can give you. Train, do not work out. Set actual goals for yourself along the way. Most importantly, find some awesome people to keep you accountable.