By now you guys know that I love blogging and I love video. I love blogging because I have a lot to say about the things I’m most passionate about – entrepreneurism, politics and all the stupid endurance events I keep attempting. I love video because I can get what I want out quickly. No, I don’t love seeing or hearing myself. In fact, most of the time I cringe. But I’m big into time hacking and frankly, video is the quickest way to accomplish the goal.

For years I’ve wanted to launch a VLOG but I haven’t had the resources and I have been shy about putting myself on camera even more. I’ve been too nervous to go all in. Hell, I’m still too nervous to go all in. So this week I’m doing a little experiment to answer one simple question: Can I put out quality daily video content that gives people good advice that I shoot myself and then handle off to my team to edit?

So here we go. This is the first in my vlogging experiment.

Here is a video for all you people who keep saying “I can’t.”