There are many problems with the three-tier system of alcohol distribution in America. In today’s vlog I talk about one of them – the inability of craft brewers to control their own product.

We can’t control the price. We can’t control who sells our product. We can’t control our branding once it leaves our property.

And frankly, that’s a pretty minor problem compared to all the other major issues – like how we legally can’t even fire a distributor once we’re in a contract. This one just happens to be what has me HOT today after seeing one of our beers sold for $9 a pint.

We typically like the distributors we work with. We typically like the folks who sell our product. And to be clear – most brewers don’t want to even distribute their own beer. What brewers want is control over their product and real accountability.

We’ll address the other big issues later.

Enjoy! And share please.

Oh, sorry not sorry about being so drunk at the end.