Man. This has been one heck of a year. I swear it must have had like 500 days in it or something. No seriously, just look at everything we managed to pack in:

The Brewery

After many delays and minor frustrations… we finally opened the new Frothy Beard Brewing Company location in West Ashely! The grand opening was absolutely killer and just happened to fall on the same weekend as St. Patrick’s Day and our Fourth Anniversary. It was nuts.

Once the guys started brewing, we quickly realized that our baby 10bbl tanks were not cutting it, so of course we increased the brewery’s capacity by adding more tanks. BIGGER TANKS. Three 30 barrels baby. Quadrupling our brewing capacity increased our distribution and just like that it was time to start canning. We really busted ass on this thing.

The Training

So I decided to participate in a triathlon with just one small obstacle: I’m a 37 year old man that didn’t know how to swim. Kind of a big thing, right? Yeah and that’s one-third of the tri. Literally it took months for me to eliminate the panic attacks. Basically just started by blowing bubbles and got some coaching from my buddy Chris. It was much harder than I thought, but well worth conquering a fear. After a couple of months, I was actually able to swim well enough to compete in my first Ironman race. It was a half, but only the beginning. This year my training is focused on a full Ironman in September. Gotta get that tattoo.

Push Digital

Oh, and for that digital creative agency I founded… 2017 was our biggest and baddest year yet by far. Clients, revenue, staff—growing, growing, growing. Creative…we received notoriety for a SeaWorld video that was ranked as THE BEST TRAVEL AD ON RECORD. And then it was covered by ADWEEK as the Ad Of The Day. Doesn’t get much better than that. Still in shock.

Here’s the big thing for 2018… we are already at max capacity in our new space here and our staffers are practically sitting on top of each other. But I’m fixing it with a bigger and more badass office next door. We’re knocking down walls and taking on big brand names. We’re working with clients and getting inquiries from others that I could only have dreamed of just a few years ago. It’s happening. Push is happening.

The whole thing is insane and I’m psyched.

I’m a lucky man. And I don’t just think that on December 31st. All year long I am so thankful for my fantastic wife and children, my staff, our clients, my partners at Frothy and Zombie Bob’s, my F3 brothers and all my other friends. I am blessed. Simple as that.

Watch out 2018… nothing but Positive Vibes.