Last week a buddy asked, “What all do you have in your kit?” I started pulling out a wide variety of objects and thought, “Man, this might be blog worthy.” I know it’s a silly thing to concentrate on, but I’m always perfecting what I carry on my back. Maybe it’s not silly. I mean, this is my life for the day, especially when I travel.

I’d love to know what’s in your kit. As a follow up, I’ll be writing about what’s in my go bag, which I’m currently working on because, yes, I’m becoming a “doomesdayer.”

1. Ruck: I’m currently carrying the SD20 which is a cheap small day pack version of the GR1. It’s okay, but I don’t love it. I prefer carrying the GR1 daily but after 15 events mine stinks like death, despite excessive cleaning, and I’ve been too cheap to just buy a second one for day use. When traveling I switch out the SD20 for the GR2, which I absolutely adore.

2. GORUCK Normandy Tough Patch: One year ago this week, I completed the GORUCK Normandy Heavy, Tough and Light events, which lasted about 50 hours and absolutely kicked my ass. I carry the Tough patch daily to remind myself that I can do just about anything I put my mind too with enough training and persistence.

3. Beats by Dre: Music is everything to me and I suffer from extreme audio ADD. I don’t even know if that’s a real thing, but that’s what I call it because I cannot concentrate with loud or annoying background noise.

4. Book: Despite trying to minimize my life with the iPad, I just love holding a real book. I’m almost always reading 2 – 3 different books at a time while listening to an additional one on Audible. At least one of those books is a real one stored in the ruck. Currently it’s The Way of the Iceman, which is about the Wim Hof Method.

5. iPad: I’m currently trying to stay off the MacBook Air by using my iPad more. I find the iPad less distracting but also, because it’s smaller and handheld, it’s easier to read on allowing me to pack it full of magazines and books, thus minimizing my life. At some point I hope I can go down to one device only.

6. Journal: As much as I love my phone and iPad, nothing will ever replace the joy of writing in a real journal. Also, you just look rude typing away on a phone or iPad during a meeting. Lately I’ve been using a Barnes and Noble punctuate journal and Narrow Gate Artisans leather cover.

Pen: I forgot to include the pen in this pic. Oops. I always use a blue Foray Liquid Ink Rollerball 0.55 mm pen and I’m pretty demanding that my staff always keep them stocked in the office.

7. Workout journal: I keep all my daily workouts, goals and plans in a separate journal.

8. Glock 9mm: Some will argue that I should not publicize that I carry because I might become a target. I argue that knowing I carry will deter and you will have to be some crazy son of a bitch to go after a guy you know is carrying and trained up. I have my 9mm in my ruck at all times that I legally can as well a 380 in my pocket.

9. Mags: For when shit gets real real, I have two extra mags of 17 rounds in a holster ready.

10. Protein bar: It’s healthier than snacking on sugary processed junk food. I always have one, unless I already ate it.

11. Nalgene bottle: Because I drink a shit ton of water all day.

12. Koozie: Because I also drink a shit ton of beer and no good southerner leaves the house without one. Currently, I’m sporting a great one by On Point Supply Company.

13. Multitool: It’s just commonsense to carry one if you’re a dude. Or maybe if you’re just a human. Shit breaks and you have to fix it on the fly.

14. MacBook Air: It’s the best computer I’ve ever owned. Light, portable, fast and awesome.

15. The Black Notebook: I like printing important documents and other items I have to review so that I can write all over them. Although I keep my schedule electronically, I keep a copy of all big items (out of town trips, big meetings) in a printed calendar also. This notebook contains urgent items I need to review and it’s always with me.

16. Sunglasses: Nothing can ruin a day like not having a good pair of shades ready. Typically I sport the Ray-Ban Wayfarers but this week I’m at the beach sporting the cheaper Wander & Co plastic rims with bamboo arms.

17. Chargers: This is the most annoying part of my kit. I hate cords. I have them all packed in one bag. They include: Dual outlet for usb, 2 iPhone/iPad cords, watch charger, mini usb, HDMI adapter, MacBook Air cord, earbuds.

18. iPad keyboard:The Brookstone folded keyboard is just perfect for travel. This device has gotten me through many trips when I tried to go minimal without the MacBook Air and is helping in my goal to go down to just one devise.

19. External charger: I’ve tried multiple external chargers and the Mophie is hands down the best. It’s durable, it charges fast and is small and light.

That’s my kit. It’s always evolving, so maybe I’ll make this a quarterly post. Let me know what’s in your kit. And if you have any suggestions as to what should be in my go back, let me know.