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Putting Your Priorities On Health, Wealth and Legacy

Maybe you’re right. Maybe you don’t have enough time.

That’s something I hear from people that reach out to me looking to improve themselves over and over. “I just don’t have enough time.” So maybe you’re right. Maybe you don’t have time to work out, learn about nutrition, or start a side business. But, what about your kids? Or your spouse? Or your friends? Do you have time for them? Or do you make it?

See, my wife and kids, they’re my priority. I DO have time for them. Always. And a long time ago I started to realize that if I can choose to make them a priority over the comfort of my living room couch or the glow of a screen, can’t I make time for other things too.

That’s a harsh dose of reality for some of you. That you’re wasting all the time you say you don’t have on stuff that doesn’t matter. But, it’s worth hearing when you start to realize what you’re missing.

If being a father has taught me anything, it’s that time flies. You blink your eyes and your newborn is seven years old. I have no idea where that time goes, and it scares me. Today a friend sent me a picture from high school graduation taken 24 years ago. It feels like yesterday. And what really freaks me out is that 24 years from now I will be 66 years old. That means I need to maximize every hour I have.

And so do you. I get that life can’t always be a hustle, and we all need our downtime. But life isn’t downtime. Life is an accumulation of conscious moments. And either you work every day to get better about choosing those moments, or you sacrifice them. And once they’re gone, you don’t get them back.

You DO have enough time if you get your priorities straight. Mine are health, wealth, and legacy. I want to change the direction of my family tree for good. What are yours?

PS: I’ve started a Facebook group for people that are ready to stop wasting time and start seizing their moments. If you’re looking for a community to keep you on pace with your priorities, I invite you to join by clicking here.




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