Phil Vangelakos | Heart Attack Inducing Campaigns (literally)

Campaign War Stories is back, kicking off 2024 with a brand-new episode! Join me as I sit down with Push Digital Group’s Managing Partner, Phil Vangelakos, for an insightful conversation about politics and life.

In this episode, we dive deep into some compelling topics:

🔍 Mergers & Acquisitions: Explore the challenges and intricacies of acquiring and merging companies in the dynamic political industry.

🏥 Health Matters: Delve into the impact of the demanding political lifestyle on one’s well-being, shedding light on the toll it takes and the importance of prioritizing health.

❤️ Life’s Perspective: Gain invaluable insights as we discuss life post-heart attack, revealing the profound realizations and newfound priorities that emerge.

Tune in now to kick off Season 2 with this thought-provoking episode! 🎧🌟 

Phil is a political strategist and recognized digital communications expert with a history of leveraging cutting-edge trends in technology, traditional and social media; strategic communications, branding and research.

If your campaign is a heist film…Phil is your explosives expert.

Phil has a proven reputation of uniquely positioning GOP candidates and committees to achieve success on election day. Most recently, Phil directed Senator Lindsey Graham’s 2020 digital efforts. In 2016, he led digital strategy for Senator Marco Rubio during his re-election to the United States Senate and directed online fundraising for South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy. But he’s been jumping into foxholes for a long time, advising campaigns up and down the East Coast, including the successful campaigns of Attorney General Bill McCollum (FL – 2006), Congressman Tom Rooney (FL – 2008), Governor Nathan Deal (GA – 2014) and US Senator Thom Tillis (NC – 2014).



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