Terry Sullivan | From Campaigns To Everest

Welcome back to Campaign War Stories, where we bring you the inside scoop on the world of campaigns, politics, and much more. In this special episode, we’re joined once again by Terry Sullivan, a seasoned campaign expert who has made the transition to becoming a public affairs authority.

🏞️  From Leadville to Everest: Terry previously graced our podcast when we discussed our ambitious endeavor to conquer the Leadville 100 race. In this exciting follow-up episode, we revisit the aftermath of that grueling race and explore Terry’s upcoming adventure to summit the awe-inspiring Mt. Everest.

🗳️ A Journey Through Politics: But that’s not all; politics is never far from our minds. Terry and I share stories from our political journeys, including our time on the Jim DeMint and Trey Gowdy campaigns. Plus, we dive into our personal interactions with the remarkable Nikki Haley.

Join us as we traverse the diverse terrain of extreme physical challenges, the intricacies of politics, and the thrilling adventures of one of our favorite returning guests, Terry Sullivan. Whether you’re scaling mountains or navigating campaigns, this episode is packed with insights you won’t want to miss. 🏔️🎙️



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