Ashley’s War

Wesley's Review

I’m about six book reviews behind. I better get caught up…

Troops in Afghanistan ran into a big problem. They couldn’t obtain intelligence from half the population they encountered because Afghan women are forbidden from speaking to men who are not their husband. Speaking of forbidden, at this time US women were forbidden from combat arms professions in the military.

The obvious solution was to put women on the front lines for the first time beside special forces operators, so a special unit was formed. This book is all about the real-life stories of the women who joined the CST (culture support team) program, from their training to their deployment. It focuses on Lt. Ashley White Stumpf, the first of these women killed in combat.

This book was awesome. I had never heard of the CST program and I’m sure most of you also have not. I’m very happy this book was mandatory for the GORUCK Tribe program. Definitely pick it up.

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