Atomic Habits

Wesley's Review

If there is one book you should read to change your life it’s this one. We don’t reach big goals overnight or through one big action. We reach them through incremental daily actions. This book teaches you how.

For all my glaring faults I do have one strength – I’m productive. I typically meet my goals. People are always asking me how. I find the answer quite simple although I understand it is really very difficult. For years I have followed the 1% rule. I do a few things every single day in an attempt to get 1% better. Like stocks, those actions compound. One mile becomes a 5k. A 5k becomes a half marathon. A half marathon becomes a marathon. How do you think I learned how to swim as a 35 year old adult?

This book puts into writing many of the tactics I use daily while also teaching me a few new ones. If you’re looking at changing some part of your life, start with Atomic Habits. Go get it right now.

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