Bitcoin Billionaire

Wesley's Review

Ben Mezrich wrote the definitive account of Facebook’s founding with Accidental Billionaires, which was the basis of Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network. I’m sure you’ve seen the movie. Mark Zuckerberg totally screws over the Winklevoss twins. With “I’m 6’5, 220 and there’s two of me,” “the Winklevii” definitely come across as the losers of the story.

With Bitcoin Billionaires, Mezrich tells the second chapter of the Winklevoss story as early investors in Bitcoin, founders of a crypto exchange company, and perhaps the most well-known team in crypto circles. The side characters in this story are also totally fascinating.

This is not a technical book. It is, however, a real page-turner. I loved it. The story is great. It can give you an introduction to crypto and the story of its earliest adopters. Even if you aren’t interested in crypto it’s a fascinating story for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or investing.

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