Dopamine Nation

Wesley's Review

Most of us are addicts and we don’t even realize it. Maybe we aren’t addicted to booze, drugs, or sex so we think it’s no big deal. But the truth is too many of us are cell phones, TV, social media, and news addicts. We are addicted to the dopamine hit we get every time we get a thumbs up or a news anchor validates our beliefs. I know it’s true because it’s what I do. I was at the forefront of political social media and I’ve seen how these companies have changed their platforms, and how cable news has changed, with the specific purpose of getting you addicted. The name of the game is attention and they, we, have figured out how to feed that addiction.

Unfortunately, it goes so much deeper. Walk around downtown Charleston and you’ll see the college students with what I call “Adderall eyes.” The nation is finally cracking down on opioids but no one cares that the majority of Americans are walking around completely dependent on some sort of chemical. We need drugs to get up. We need drugs to get down. We need drugs just to interact with people. We tell parents that their kids have ADHD so that drug companies can get humans addicted as soon as they start kindergarten.

We are a nation completely dependent on whatever it takes to avoid the real world, be happy all the time and completely avoid pain. That’s what this book is about and it’s a real wake-up call. Every single person will read this and realize they have to change something about their life. You need to pick this one up now.

I can’t finish this review without pointing out one thing I found odd. The author admits her own addiction. She was addicted to erotic novels. She says she broke the addiction. But then she uses the story of one man, a sex addict, as the foundational story of the book. This man is so addicted to masturbating that he used a record player to build his own masturbation device. Then it went further and he started hooking up electrical wires to his balls. So basically, the author in breaking her erotic addiction wrote her own erotic novel.

Anyway, pick up this book. This nation is heading down a dark dark path and it won’t change until everyone realizes what’s happening. I, for one, am scared.

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