Wesley's Review

Statistically it is nearly impossible that we are the only intelligent species in existence. Scientists approximate there are at least 60 billion Earth-like habitable planets. It is the height of hubris to believe we are alone.

Avi Loeb dives deep into the studies and research of extraterrestrial life with his belief that Oumuamua, the first object of interstellar origin observed by humans, was built by intelligent beings. By the way, a new study released just this week argues otherwise, stating it is a piece that broke off a Pluto-like interstellar planet.

I mostly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the thought behind the existence of extraterrestrial life and the reasoning of why Oumuamua was built by an alien species. However, Loeb gets lost in his own biography which at times does little to add to the book’s thesis.

I definitely recommend this book to nerds interested in the study of alien life. If you’re not, and I do not understand why you would not be, you can skip this one.

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