Fight Club

Wesley's Review

I finished this one up with just a few hours to spare for my monthly GORUCK Tribe Challenge.

You’ve seen the movie. You know the rules.

The movie pretty much follows the same path as the book with just a few notable differences, especially the ending which was changed, I’m guessing, to be more Hollywood.

Perhaps the book is about capitalism vs anarchy. Probably because I was reading it in the lens of GORUCK, this time I focused more on enduring misery alone vs overcoming misery with a group of like minded crazies. After all, that’s what a GORUCK event is. While I have been shot at in a GORUCK event (we accidentally crossed over onto private land and a redneck lunatic lady decided to scare us off with her shotgun) I’ve never beat the shit out of my buddies or blown shit up. Unfortunately.

If you loved the movie you’ll love the book even more. I recommend

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