How Will You Measure Your Life

Wesley's Review

I have a job. Actually, I have a few of them. I’m the leader of Push Digital and Laurens Group. I am an investor in Frothy Beard Brewing and a couple of other companies. I am the owner of a short-term rental company.

But those are not my most important jobs. I am the head of my household. I am the provider, protector, and teacher of three boys. I am a supportive husband.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast by Mark Evans DM in which he said his purpose is to “change the direction of my family tree.” I love that so much, and I may adopt it as my purpose. That’s what I’ve been focused on. Mark just said it better. The problem is that in doing so, and I’m speaking only for myself here, the focus immediately goes to money.

To truly change the direction of my family tree I need to focus on more, on all my jobs. Some call it work/life balance. I prefer to call it work/life integration. Balance can never truly be achieved. I’m not even sure what the appropriate percentages are. What I do know is that while focusing on wealth creation I must also be focused on teaching my boys ethics, integrity, honor, and strength. I have to help my wife chase her dreams. I have to help move my community forward. I have to do so much.

The book answers the question “how will you measure your life” by pushing professionals toward focusing on all their jobs and not just the one that produces income. Only then can one find true happiness.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it to entrepreneurs. It’s a simple reminder that we are building businesses and wealth for a reason. It’s for our lifestyles, our happiness, and our families. The wealth is not the end. It’s the means to an end.

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