Wesley's Review

I’m going to live to be 120.

I’ll be physically active up until the very end.

That’s my plan.

Really, a plan. Not just a wish. I’m putting measures in place every day to give myself three to four extra decades.

It’s all about longevity. Yes, I want to perform. You know how much I love to race. And yes, I want to look good too. But in terms of importance, longevity sits at the top.

I want to change the direction of my family tree and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. The longer I’m on Earth the greater chances are that I reach my goal.

Ok, this is where my Christian brothers and sisters start commenting about how we aren’t supposed to be here longer. Those comments hit my page last week. Ok, well first off, the Bible clearly states that many of it’s characters lived long lives. Second, the longer I’m here the longer I can teach my family. Third, we will be in Heaven forever.

What’s wrong with being here a little longer?

Anyway, sorry for the weird tangent there. This book is all about increasing our lifespans through a combination of life habits, the elimination of killers and new medical discoveries. Each of those will add extra years to our lives.

Exposure to cold, dietary restrictions, eliminating sugar, supplementation and new drugs are just a few examples.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves body hacking as much as I do. The book also includes a couple great chapters about the hazards of increasing lifespans, most notably the impact of overpopulation on the planet. Just a warning, some of the book is very scientific and can be difficult to read. He gets way in the weeds.

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