Live Free and Let Die

Wesley's Review

It’s a busy day so I’ll have to drop a short review of Ian Fleming’s second James Bond book “Live and Let Die.” First off, a warning. This book was written at a different time and would definitely be considered racist today. Bond spends most of the book in either Harlem or Jamaica and the supporting characters are nearly all black. The descriptions of these characters are pretty offensive and that’s coming from me who writes daily on how overly sensitive our culture has become. This is different, like way different, like comparing black people to apes different. It’s cringeworthy as hell. If you can get past the word “negro” on every page, this is a fun spy novel. I enjoyed it as much as I did Casino Royale.

It’s also important to note that the book is completely different than the movie starring Roger Moore. While the characters are the same, the plot is incredibly different.

Live and Let Die is a quick read and if you’re a Bond fan you should read it. I enjoyed it enough to continue my journey through Fleming’s novels. I just don’t know if I will stay in order because Moonraker is next and it’s a really shitty movie. Sci-Fi and James Bond don’t mix. But I’m intrigued because the book was written in the 50s and we didn’t even step foot on the moon until 1969. So maybe I do move on to Moonraker next just to see how this is done. We shall see.

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