Wesley's Review

I don’t have family members working for the big committees in DC.

I don’t have staff taking Hill staffers to fancy dinners and Nationals baseball games.

We may be the only GOP digital agency that hasn’t sold to a larger holding company.

I choose not to be part of the Washington, DC bullshit. I choose to raise my family in America’s best city. I choose to remain independently owned.

My company has stood strong for ten years and we are poised to expand even more in the coming years. It’s been tough, mostly because I haven’t followed the path of my competitors. I’ve had to play a different game all together. I’ve had to go the other way.

You’ve probably seen this movie. It’s one of my favorites and I think about it every single day. I’m constantly asking myself – how I can play the game completely different than my competitors? How can I recruit clients and staff differently, or in the case of this story, how can a team recruit players differently? Once that stable of clients, or players, is complete, how do we do the work differently?

In so many ways Push Digital is the Oakland A’s of political, advocacy and reputation agencies. We aren’t part of the cool kids club in DC. We don’t have all the money of big financial backers. We have to be scrappy. That forces us to be more creative, more strategic and in most ways, more stable as a company. We haven’t had the big boom and busts we see with our competitors. We’ve slowly grown as a solid agency that has stood the test of time.

This book is about baseball, but more so, it’s the story of a business that was forced to go the other way. They played by a completely different set of rules and through a lot of experimentation they found a formula for success, one that has been replicated by nearly every other baseball team.

I love this book even more than I love the movie. The added detail is exactly what I needed to hear right now. If you’re the David facing a Goliath, this book is for you. It’s for the underdogs willing to play a different game and willing to go the other way.

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