Project Hail Mary

Wesley's Review

I’m about eight book reviews behind. I will try to knock them out over the next week to give you some recommendations.

Did you love The Martian by Andy Weir? If so, stop what you’re doing right now and purchase Project Hail Mary. Wier’s latest book is amazing. I couldn’t put it down and I wanted it to never conclude.

Humanity is going to end. An algae has attacked the sun and is consuming its energy. An ice age will hit Earth but not before the cold kills most crops, pushes all of humanity into starvation and before any of that can happen, the total collapse of society. A team has been sent to another system where a sun not being destroyed by the algae has been found. They must discover what’s unique about that sun to save ours, our planet, and every living being.

Go get this book immediately if you love science fiction. I LOVED this one so much.

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